Groveport Madison Schools superintendent gets another pay raise

By Rick Palsgrove
Groveport Editor
The Groveport Madison Board of Education has raised the district’s superintendent’s pay and benefits for the second time in the last five months.

On June 5, the board, by a 3-0 vote, approved amendments to Superintendent Jamie Grube’s current contract that runs from Aug. 1, 2024 to July 31, 2025; and for his following five year contract that runs from Aug. 1, 2025 to July 31, 2030.

Under the amendments:

•Grube’s base annual salary increases from $190,000 to $215,000. In February of this year the board had raised his annual salary from $175,000 to $190,000 with a three percent increase each year.

•His annual car allowance increases from $3,600 ($300 per month) to $7,200 ($600 per month.)

•The board will provide him with an annuity valued at 20 percent of his base salary, which is up from the 13.5 percent the board approved earlier this year. The annuity will be available upon his retirement. If the superintendent is ineligible for the benefits described in the contract due to IRS rules, the board will pay the superintendent the equivalent of the benefit in the form of compensation, plus the amount of any federal, state, and local taxes applicable to such payment.

•The superintendent will receive up to 35 days of vacation each year, which is up from the 30 days the board approved earlier this year.

Board President LaToya Dowdell-Burger and board members Seth Bower and Libby Gray voted for the contract amendments. Board members Kathleen Walsh and John Kershner did not attend the June 5 meeting and therefore did not vote.

A June 6 press release from the district stated, “The increase is a good faith effort to stay competitive in a highly contested marketplace and a show of commitment to equitable compensation within the educational community. Superintendent Jamie Grube’s current and upcoming five year contract will be amended to include the salary increase.”

“Superintendent Grube has provided exceptional leadership to our school district,” said Dowdell-Burger. “We’re definitely seeing a high rate of turnover within the superintendent ranks in central Ohio and throughout the state. It’s imperative to keep our leadership consistent in order to allow programs to become established, and grow to provide real results.”

According to district officials, this pay increase is intended to keep Groveport Madison Schools on par with other districts retaining veteran leadership.

“Groveport Madison Schools is unique in that we have students coming from neighboring cities within our school district boundaries. Not to mention different municipalities and first-responder units that serve our community,” said Dowdell-Burger. “Superintendent Grube has an outstanding relationship of trust with so many different entities. You simply can’t buy that kind of dynamic experience.”

According to the district press release: Grube developed a new safety plan which produced a reduction in violent incidents at Groveport Madison High School. He has made strides by hiring new veteran leadership to his cabinet with a committed focus on curriculum and learning. Additionally, Grube was instrumental in developing a partnership with PrimaryOne Health to bring a school-based health center to the district to serve students, families, and community.

According to the press release, the pay increase reinforces the district’s “commitment to equitable compensation.” The average teaching salary at Groveport Madison ranks approximately ninth within Franklin County. Grube’s salary will rank approximately 11th out of 16 public school districts in Franklin County.

Grube was previously superintendent of Buckeye Valley Local Schools from 2010 to 2012. After working for a state education co-op upon leaving Buckeye Valley, he then became deputy superintendent at Groveport Madison Schools in 2018. Grube began serving as superintendent for Groveport Madison in 2022.

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