Groveport Madison class of 1958


Photo courtesy of Gary Eubank
 The 115th annual Groveport Madison High School alumni banquet will be held May 17 at 5 p.m. at the high school. Recipients of the 2008 GMHS Hall of Fame and the Rarey Community Award will be recognized and honored. All GMHS graduates are invited. If you did not receive your invitation in the mail, call the Alumni Committee Reservation Secretary Virginia Myers at 836-5456 for information or to make dinner reservations. Dinners are $12.50 per person. The class of 1958, celebrating its 50th anniversary, and 1983, celebrating its 25th anniversary will be honored. The class of 2008 will be welcomed as alumni.

Pictured here is the class composite photo of the class of 1958, from left to right:

(top left) Principal Ralph Hudson and Superintendent Robert McCracken;

(row one) John Brown, Thomas Mohr, Julie French, Peggy Knapp, Charlene Acker, Ruth Ball;

(row two) James Ballard, Jan Beery, Barbara Berry, Ben Bohl, Richard Campbell, Barbara Carpenter, Kay Clark, Ronald Cuthbert, John Davy;

(row three) Barbara Day, Jo Dill, Phil Dill, Donna Dozier, Mary Drury, Carolyn Duncan, Gary Eubank, Arthur Fisher, Robert Flowers;

(row four) Becky Fowler, Ida Francisco, Marlan Friend, Patricia Gillespie, James Graham, Janet Hall, Joyce Hecox, Ronald Herdman, Rosa Lee Hill;

(row five) Jerry Kalb, Sylvia Leonard, Donna Liston, Joseph McAuley, Mary Jane McCollister, Marcia McGuire, Allen Miller, Nancy Miller, Edward Minch;

(row six) Gretta Moore, Garrett Morrison, Neil Motts, Patricia Myers, Patricia Newberry, David Ostrander, Shirley Palm, Sherry Pettigrew, Gloria Pritchard;

(row seven) Jill Preest, Diane Ray, Bonnie Reed, Luther Ruff, Penny Sarber, Paul Sauer, Carol Schlaegel, Annabelle Seabolt, Roger Snyder;

(row eight) James Spence, Ronald Stambaugh, Mary Triplett, Carole Wiles, Chalmer Williams, Stanley Wilson, Reynold Worch, and Donald Zarbaugh.

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