Groveport looks to recreate development director position

By Rick Palsgrove
Southeast Editor

Groveport City Council is considering creating an assistant administrator/development director position in order to enhance development in the city.

According to Groveport City Administrator Marsha Hall, until 2011 there were two positions: economic development director and finance director. However, in 2011, the economic development director was made the interim finance director when the then current finance director resigned.

“Directing the finance department was in addition to his other duties overseeing economic development and acting as assistant administrator,” said Hall. “In 2012, those duties became permanent, mostly because the finance operations were going well and as a convenience.”

Hall said establishing a new assistant administrator/development director position is needed because, “The city is emphasizing development in the downtown, office, and the city’s Gateway districts, which requires the time that the position currently gives to finance. We believe it’s in the city’s best interest to once again go back to two positions so that development can have the attention it requires. Additionally, I know of no other municipality that combines these two positions. This was the set-up from the creation of the economic development director’s position in 2001 until late 2011 when Jeff Green took on the interim finance director duties.”

Hall said the annual pay range for the assistant administrator/development director position would be from $70,446 to $113,237.

“This is the current grade for assistant administrator, finance director and chief of police,” said Hall.

Hall indicated that current assistant administrator/finance director Jeff Green is slated to move into the assistant administrator/development director position.

“With Jeff Green being re-assigned to this position, there will be no change in his pay,” said Hall, who noted Green’s current annual salary is $109,179.

Added Mayor Lance Westcamp, “I believe with council moving forward with interest in downtown development and the availability to keep our local businesses growing, it is time we put Jeff Green back as our economic development director full time. That has always been Jeff’s background. It will give us the opportunity to hire a full time finance director. Mr. Green has done a good job of wearing both hats.”

Some of the duties of the assistant administrator/development director are: strategy and assistance in short and long term economic and community development plans; maintain knowledge of legislation and economic development incentive programs and grants/loans; direct the city’s public relations in regards to economic development; and in the absence of the city administrator perform the administrator’s duties.

When asked how the proposed change would affect the finance director position, Hall said, “The finance director will be a separate position overseeing the finance department. In Groveport, in the past, the finance director also served as assistant administrator when needed. With this change, the development director will handle those duties.”

If the creation of the assistant administrator/development director position is approved by council and Green takes the position, then a new finance director must be found.

“The city’s charter states that the position is appointed by the mayor with confirmation by council,” said Hall.

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