Groveport gets two new outdoor warning signs

Communication is key during an emergency and Groveport has taken steps to better inform the public when danger arises.

The village of Groveport recently purchased and installed two additional outdoor warning sirens at a cost of $39,970.

"I’m glad we got them," said Groveport Police Chief Gary York. "I believe in them and their capability of properly warning and protecting the public in emergencies."

One new siren was installed in Cruiser  Park, which is the soccer park along Old Hamilton Road, and the other in Groveport Park. The village has two other existing sirens, one located near Eastland Career Center and one near Hendron Road and Main Street.

The system sounds a warning siren as well as providing verbal instructions in case of a weather emergency or other danger to the public, such as a hazardous chemical spill.

"The audible range of the sirens is one square mile," said York. "But, depending on the terrain, trees, and the weather, it could be more or less."

York said the two new sirens were necessary because the two existing sirens could not cover the entire area.

"The two additional sirens shore up our coverage area," said York. "There’s some overlap, but it’s a good saturation."

He added the siren in Groveport Park can also be heard on The Links at Groveport golf course.

York stressed the sirens are outdoor warning sirens designed to inform people who are outside of impending danger. He said the sound from the systems is not designed to be heard inside homes and businesses. He suggested that people would be well served by purchasing weather radios and keeping them handy inside their homes and businesses.

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