Groveport crime statistics for January

January crime statistics for the city of Groveport, according to the Groveport Police: 19 arrests, 18 accidents, 2 assaults, 0 burglary, 3 criminal mischief/trespassing, 8 domestic disputes, 9 domestic violence, 3 OVI and alcohol, 0 fight, 2 disorderly conduct, 15 thefts/robberies, 2 stolen/unauthorized use, 0 missing persons, 5 weapon related calls, 5 narcotic related offenses, 15 general complaints, 13 school related incidents, 0 identity theft, 1 suspicious vehicles/persons, 10 parking, 5 threats, 4 vandalism, 49 traffic citations, 0 sex related crime, 4 warrant/arrests/subpoenas, 0 suicide attempts.

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