Groveport Council reviews city employee pay structure

By Rick Palsgrove
Southeast Editor

Groveport City Council is considering amending the city’s employee compensation plan and pay scale.

“The city adopted a compensation plan in 2012, which was amended in 2017,” said Groveport City Administrator B.J. King. “As part of the recently completed wage study, Clemans Nelson & Associates reviewed the current compensation plan and made recommendations to amend the current plan structure.”

The recommendations provide that employees could progress through pay steps 1-3 on an annual basis in a traditional step increase process. After step 3, year 3, any pay increases would be based solely on a merit system.

Job positions that are under consideration for pay grade range increases (figures shown are pay per hour) and amended job titles include:

•administrative assistant to engineering coordinator from pay grade 7 ($17.85 to $27.80) to 11 ($23.59 to $36.79).

•administrative assistant community affairs to executive assistant from grade 7 ($17.85 to $27.80) to 10 ($22.17 to $34.55).

•director of parks and facilities management from pay grade14 ($27.91 to $43.50) to 17 ($32.24 to $50.22)

•director of transportation from pay grade 14 ($27.91 to $43.50) to 17 ($32.24 to $50.22)

•part-time human resources clerk from pay grade 5 ($14.97 to $23.31) to 7 ($17.85 to $27.80).

•seasonal golf maintenance worker 1 from pay grade 2 ($9.69 to $15.56) to 3 ($10.99 to $17.67).

•seasonal golf maintenance worker 2 from pay grade 3 ($10.99 to $17.67) to 4 ($12.29 to $19.79).

Additionally, council will consider approving a 2 percent cost of living increase for city employees across the pay scale.

Council will consider the changes to the employee pay program at one of its future meetings.

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