Groveport Council paves the way for warehouse along Hayes Road


By Rick Palsgrove
Groveport Editor

Another big warehouse is on its way to becoming a reality in Groveport.

The proposed approximately 641,000 square foot warehouse, to be built by CA Ventures, will be located on about 48 acres at the southeast corner of Hayes and Pontius roads.

On Aug. 9, Groveport City Council approved: rezoning the property from rural to planned industrial park; the final plat for the property; the annexation of the land into Groveport; and an income tax revenue sharing agreement with Groveport Madison Schools regarding the development.

CA Ventures Executive Vice President, Industrial Jim McGill previously said the company hopes to begin construction of the warehouse soon with completion by the summer of 2022. He said it is “achievable” that the development could generate at least 150 jobs.

The project will include widening Hayes Road along the frontage of the property and restriping an extended northbound left turn lane on Pontius Road at the Rohr Road intersection.

Groveport Economic Development Director Jeff Green said the community reinvestment area property tax abatement would be a 100 percent property tax abatement for 15 years.

Council’s approval of the income tax revenue sharing agreement with Groveport Madison Schools means the city and the school district will share 50 percent of the income tax revenue generated by the site.

However, according to Groveport City Administrator B.J. King, once the warehouse operation reaches $15 million in payroll, Groveport will continue receiving its 50 percent share of income tax revenue and the other 50 percent share must go to the city of Columbus as part of Groveport’s utilities agreement with Columbus. Groveport Madison Schools would then receive a direct payment from the warehouse company in lieu of taxes to replace the schools’ loss of income tax revenue sharing.

Other news
•Council approved increasing the maximum limit of the city’s rainy day fund from $2 million to $3 million. The annual $150,000 allocation to the fund remains in place. The rainy day fund is money city officials use in case of a budget shortfall or emergency. Any spending from the rainy day fund must be approved by council.

•Council approved creating the position of technology director so the city will have an in-house person to assist with technology troubleshooting and systems management. The annual salary range for the position is $71,858 to $115,499.

•Council amended the pay grade of the economic development director to align the position’s current wage with the correct grade on the city’s wage scale. King said it is not a pay increase.


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