Groveport Council considers changes to some administrative positions


By Rick Palsgrove
Groveport Editor

Groveport City Council is considering creating a position for a technology director as well as making adjustments to other administrative posts.

When asked why the position of director of information of technology is needed, Groveport City Administrator B.J. King said, “As we increasingly rely on technology to conduct our day-to-day business, we have come to realize the benefit of having an employee in-house to assist with technology troubleshooting and systems management. Having an in-house IT Director will result in more efficient response to our technology needs.”

The annual salary range for the proposed director of technology would be $71,858 to $115,499.

“The position will be advertised and we will accept applications/resumes for the position,” said King. “Nobody has been identified to fill this position. My goal is to have the position created and advertise for applications/resumes later this year. The plan is to have someone hired at the beginning of 2022. The 2022 budget will include funding for this position.”

Council is also considering amending the pay grade of the economic development director.

“This is an action to align the economic development director’s current salary on the appropriate/correct pay grade on our wage scale,” said King. “It is not a new position, simply a clean-up of the wage scale. There is no (pay) increase. This is to align the economic development director’s current wage with the correct grade on our wage scale.”

Another position being considered by council for adjustment is the director of transportation. The job would be recreated to become director of transportation and senior services.

“This is an amendment to the director of transportation’s existing position description to include the duties of managing the city’s senior center/services,” said King. “This is simply a clean-up of a position description to reflect actual duties being performed. The pay range for this position will be $60,889 to $97,869. The position is currently, and will continue to be, filled by Bob Dowler.”

Council is also considering creating the position of engineering coordinator and eliminating the position of administrative assistant in the engineering department. The coordinator would handle and oversee all administrative activities in the engineering department.


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