Groveport Council considers 2024 city budget


By Rick Palsgrove
Groveport Editor

Groveport city officials say the proposed 2024 city budget reflects a continued investment in the community.

According to City Administrator B.J. King and Finance Director Jason Carr in their budget report to Groveport City Council, the proposed budget includes upgrades to public infrastructure and equipment, updates to information technology infrastructure, anticpated increases in health insurance costs, and security for public facilities. It also features investment to park amenities, replacement of aging vehicles and equipment, and maintaining facilities.

The proposed capital improvement project budget reflects an increase compared to last year.

“However, conservative budgeting practices to increase our capital fund over the past two years provides funding for the proposed capital items,” wrote King and Carr.

The proposed budget anticipates an increase of a little over $3.2 million in estimated revenues for all funds combined when compared to 2023, according to King and Carr.

The anticipated combined expenditures for all funds are up $5.7 million compared to 2023.

“This increase, in part, increased cost for wages and benefits, continued investment in infrastructure improvements, replacement of aged equipment, and the addition of new amenities for the community,” wrote King and Carr.

Budget overview
Total estimated appropriations for 2024 are $53.3 million, which is up from $47.5 million in 2023

Total estimated generated revenues for 2024 are $37.3 million, which is up from $34 million in 2023.

The general fund revenue for 2024 is estimated at $18.6 million, which is up from $17.7 million in 2023. The bulk of this funding comes from income tax revenue, which is projected to be $16.5 million in 2024 compared to $15.7 million in 2023.

Other estimated 2024 revenues include $574,313 from property taxes and various other amounts in other city fund categories that include grants, taxes, leases, fees, and permits.

Capital improvement projects
Some significant capital projects and purchases proposed for 2024 include:

•$600,000 for street maintenance – the streets to be included in the street maintenance program are still to be determined;
•$55,000 for street maintenance and stormwater:
•$110,000 for Groveport Park pedestrian path maintenance;
•$750,000 recreation center HVAC replacment;
•$250,000 for golf carts;
•$1 million for pickleball courts;
•$500,000 for KidSpace improvements;
•$30,000 for sidewalk replacements;
•$920,000 for public parking lot reconstruction and design;
•$200,000 for Maple Street improvements;
•$132,000 for Port Road reconstruction, Phase 2;
$189,900 for new police communication radios;
•$20,000 for Wirt Road and Main Street study improvements; and
•$278,000 Elmont Place sewer force main Phase 3A.

Other proposed appropriations
The 2024 general fund appropriations are estimated at $23.6 million, which is up from $22 million in 2023. Some other proposed 2023 appropriations:

•Income tax revenue sharing with Groveport Madison Schools, $1.5 million;
•Funding for festivals and events including $63,200 for the Fourth of July; $23,400 for Christmas – A Heritage Holiday; $24,750 for Apple Butter Day; $22,500 for the Farmers Market and First Thursdays; and $5,000 for Blacklick Haunted Park; and
•$48,000 for community service grants.

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