Groveport could update its Master Parks Plan sometime in the next few years


By Rick Palsgrove
Groveport Editor

The city of Groveport is growing in population and development, but the city is also a land of green parks.

The city itself has 19 parks. The city also owns and operates the 18-hole Groveport Municipal Golf Course, located along Richardson Road. In addition, there are two Metro Parks nearby – Three Creeks Metro Park to the north and Walnut Woods Metro Park south of town.

To manage and develop the city parks, Groveport officials follow the city’s Master Parks Plan, which was developed 11 years ago by EMH&T.

“The original Master Parks Plan was completed in 2010. No comprehensive plan update has been completed since,” said Groveport City Administrator B.J. King. “We will look at doing another update in a few years. Plans tend to be relevant for 10 to 12 years.”

When asked if city officials will seek any community feedback or comments prior to updating the Master Parks Plan in the future, King said, “Any time a master plan (parks, comprehensive land-use, etc.) is updated or created, public feedback is an integral part of the process. Public comments should be a part of any update. When we next update our plan, there will be opportunities for public input. As with all plans, it is important to review and update plans based on changing environments, needs, and wants. What may have been a priority years ago, may not be a desire now or in the future.”

King said Groveport is “unique, and very fortunate” to have the number of parks, and the amenities in the parks, for use by the community.

“I am sure most municipalities would like to have a similar number of park offerings,” said King.

The city’s 2022 budget includes one potential park upgrade: $75,000 for the Founder’s Bend Park shelter house.

Groveport’s parks
Groveport’s 19 city parks:

•Community parks: Cruiser Park, 55 acres; Groveport Park, 75 acres; and Heritage Park, 16 acres.

•Neighborhood parks: Blacklick Park, 21 acres; Degenhart Park, 3 acres; Orchard Park, 10 acres; Greenpointe Business Park, 25 acres; Newport Village, 7 acres; Village Green, 3 acres; Hendron Cemetery with open space, 31 acres; Founder’s Bend Park, 5 acres; Founder’s Bend Gateway, 6 acres; Founder’s Bend open space, 32 acres; Bixford Green HOA, 8 acres and 6 acres; Elmont Place Reserves, 11 acres; Hickory Grove, 5 acres, and Homer Ohio Land open space, 15 acres.

•Mini-parks: Veterans Park 0.1 acre.


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