Groveport considering park project options


By Rick Palsgrove
Southeast Editor

Groveport City Council is reviewing which two park projects to complete in 2018.

Projects under consideration include resurfacing the three tennis courts in Degenhart Park, constructing a bicycle path connector to link the Bixford Green subdivision with Three Creeks Metro Park, or constructing two additional tennis courts in Degenhart Park.

The cost estimates for the two of the projects proposed for 2018 are:
•Bixford Green path to Metro Parks: $207,400.
•Degenhart Parl tennis court resurfacing: $33,350.

“Both of these cost estimates are from 2010 estimates put together by EMH&T for the 2008 Park Plan,” said Groveport City Administrator Marsha Hall. “The cost estimate for two additional tennis courts is $400,000, based on EMH&T’s estimate of $612,000 for five new courts and moving the sanitary sewer line.”

Hall is seeking input from council on these and future projects so the city can make plans for park improvements.

“We’d like to develop a five year plan because that would allow us time to apply for grants to fund potential park projects,” said Hall.

Added Council President Ed Dildine, “For a city of our size we have a ton of park space. We want to start putting a park plan into use.”

Councilman Shawn Cleary favors constructing the Bixford Green bicycle path link, but several other council members leaned toward further developing the city’s tennis courts.

“We have wonderful recreational facilities in the city, but we’re on the thin side when it comes to outdoor court sports,” said Councilman Jim Beidler.

Councilwoman Jean Ann Hilbert favors adding two tennis courts to Degenhart Park.

“We have a lot of recreational offerings for our kids, but our adults in the community need recreational facilities, too,” said Hilbert.

Councilman Scott Lockett said the growing popularity of pickleball, which is a racquet sport played on tennis courts, also indicates a need for more tennis court space in the city.

“Pickleball is taking over and filling the tennis courts,” said Lockett.

Council will discuss its parks project options further at its future meetings once estimated costs and more details about the projects become available.

Supporting American steel industry

Council approved a resolution to recommend that the U.S Congress take action to protect the United States’ steel and aluminum industry through the use of tariffs and quotas on foreign steel and aluminum.

“It’s saying, ‘Let’s fight for the use of American made steel,’” said Dildine.

The resolution noted federal action would also help enhance economic stability in Groveport as two large employers located in the city use steel – Griffin Wheel of Amsted Rail; and Staber Industries, a family owned manufacturer of washers and dryers.

Sycamore trees in Elmont Place

Mayor Lance Westcamp and city officials met with residents in the Elmont Place subdivision regarding the potential replacement of the sycamore trees along the subdivision’s streets with another kind of tree.

“I like sycamores,” said Westcamp. “But it is a big tree with a big leaf. Most of the Elmont Place residents we talked to wanted the sycamores replaced.”

Dildine added that these big leaves can clog stormwater drains and the sycamore tree roots can damage nearby sidewalks.

The city’s Street, Trees, and Decorations Committee will make a recommendation to council regarding what kind of trees can be planted to replace the sycamores.

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