Groveport City Council makes decision on heavy truck parking


By Rick Palsgrove
Southeast Editor

After months of discussion and research, Groveport City Council finally settled on the wording and rules in the city’s zoning code regarding the parking of heavy trucks in town.

Council passed legislation on July 27 to allow, “Not more than one truck limited to being a two-axle, six-tired pick-up, panel, or light truck, used strictly for commercial purposes with a gross vehicle weight not exceeding 19,500 pounds shall be allowed per one dwelling.”

The vehicle is not permitted on the front yard of any dwelling. Such vehicles can only be parked on a paved driveway or a paved surface on the side or rear yard.
Councilman Scott Lockett was the only “no” vote on the legislation.

“From the beginning I’ve felt this should have been a permit issue,” said Lockett. “What fits in one neighborhood may not fit in another neighborhood. I preferred it to be a lower weight and then let people ask for a variance. The variance process lets neighbors have a say in the matter.”

Council had heavily debated and studied the heavy truck parking legislation throughout 2019 and early 2020 making various changes until agreeing on the above mentioned rules.

City officials said the heavy truck parking legislation arose because of problems with some large vehicles parking in multiple city neighborhoods. The big trucks block streets causing traffic congestion and making it difficult for emergency vehicles to get through. The vehicles’ weight may damage residential streets and there are issues of aesthetics.


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