Groveport City Council considers bike path extension and water line projects


By Rick Palsgrove
Southeast Editor

Groveport city officials are considering applying for an Ohio NatureWorks grant to help fund the construction of an asphalt bicycle/leisure path to connect the Bixford Green subdivision to the nearby Blacklick Trail at Three Creeks Metro Park.

Council appropriated $207,400 in the 2018 budget for the proposed path. Groveport City Administrator Marsha Hall said the grant, if received, could fund up to 75 percent of the cost of the project.

“Without a final route determined yet, we are estimating the cost to be between $142,000 and $180,000,” said Hall, who added the path could range from approximately 860 to 920 feet in length depending on its location.

The path could connect through Reserve “A” of Bixford Green between Phillips Run and Three Creeks Park, according to Hall. City officials said the path would enter from the intersection of Phillips Run and Peach Canyon Drive.

Hall said Reserve “A” is owned by the Bixford Green Association and the city is working on a lease agreement for the path with the association.

According to Hall, if the city receives the grant, engineering for the project would occur in 2018 and the project would be built in the spring of 2019.

When asked if the project would proceed if the grant is not received, Hall said that would depend upon council approval.

Water line project
Council is considering approving legislation to authorize the issuance of $775,000 in bonds to fund the city’s 2018 water line replacement and improvement project.

According to Groveport City Engineer Steve Farst, the project involves new 8 inch diameter water mains along the following streets: Seymour Street, Crescent Drive, Delane Road (north of Elm Street), and Hanstein Place (Crescent Drive to Elm Street).

“Along the streets mentioned in the Hanstein Addition are existing 4 inch water mains. These will be retired and abandoned in place,” said Farst.

Farst said water line improvements will be made along College Street. He said it will involve switching many water customers’ water services over to a larger diameter existing 16 inch diameter water main along College Street, from Main Street to Grove Street.

“If bids are good, additional water system connections to that water main will occur and allow the city to retire and abandon in place, an older existing 6 inch diameter water main,” said Farst.

Farst said bids for the project were received March 15.

“The construction schedule will not be defined until the contractor is selected,” said Farst. “The anticipated construction contract duration is 105 calendar days. It is anticipated to begin the construction contract before mid-April and end construction before Aug. 1.”

The project does not include any work on sewer lines.

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