Grove City parks to get new playground equipment


By Andrea Cordle
Grove City Editor

Children in Grove City will have new equipment to explore at Discovery Frontier, the playground at Fryer Park.

According to Kim Conrad, director of the city’s parks and recreation department, Discovery Frontier was built in 2004 and has deteriorated over the years.

“This is about five years overdue,” said Conrad. “We decided it was going to be a priority this year.”

The playground will receive brand new, inclusive equipment.

“This playground will be for anyone, including kids with special needs,” said Conrad.

The parks director said the new equipment will include ground level pieces and softer swings for children with physical disabilities. It will also feature geo-shape climbers, spinners, play cubes, and ropes.

“It will have all different types of equipment,” said Conrad.

One thing that will remain the same is the playground’s theme. Many parks in the city have a theme. The theme at Discovery Frontier is space. In 2004 when the city was planning Discovery Frontier, meetings with the community helped to determine the theme of the playground.

“It has planet shapes. It’s fun for the kids,” said Conrad.

According to Conrad, the playground at Gantz Park is a nature theme and the playground at Windsor Park has a baseball theme.

The cost for the new playground equipment is estimated at $850,000 though Conrad said the city has asked for $400,000 in grants to help offset some of the price.

Conrad said she hopes the playground will be ready for use this summer.

The city will also replace the playground equipment at Henceroth Park. The cost for this upgrade is $156,000. Conrad said the state would cover about 80 percent of the cost through a nature grant and the city would be responsible for 20 percent of the cost.

Henceroth Park, which has a military theme, also has a new fitness island that is more adult-oriented.

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