Grove City Council relaxes rules on golf carts in the community


By Andrea Cordle

Grove City Editor

Motorists in Grove City will be sharing the street with more golf carts now that city leaders have loosened restrictions on the low-speed vehicles.

At a recent meeting, Grove City Council voted to amend its current legislation on under-speed or low-speed vehicles, typically referred to as golf carts. The previous rule prohibited carts on any street with a speed limit greater than 35 miles per hour. The vehicles were also not allowed on busy thoroughfares like Broadway, Stringtown Road, and London-Groveport Road. The new legislation allows low-speed vehicles on Broadway, from Parlin Avenue north to the downtown area.

“The current legislation needs significant updating to become what I’m going to promote as a golf cart-friendly community,” said councilman Randy Holt. “In the future, you should be able to ride golf carts all over Grove City.”

To legally operate a low-speed vehicle in Grove City, one must register the vehicle with the state of Ohio, and it must pass an inspection with the Grove City Division of Police. The carts must have adequate brakes, headlights, brake lights, tails lights, turn signals, a windshield, and a rearview mirror. The vehicle must also have seatbelts for all passengers and a rear license plate.

“They’re legal. They’re not a nuisance. They are to be treated just like a motorcycle or bicycle, which has the same right to be on the road,” said Holt.

Grove City resident Josh Doran said he supports the legislation and is glad council members removed the restriction on Broadway.

“I am a golf cart owner and have traveled 2,200 miles on the streets on Grove City,” said Doran. “I want to support the businesses on Broadway.”

Doran said if bicycles can ride on Broadway, golf carts can too.

“What’s the difference in a bicycle on Broadway versus a golf cart? The carts are more visible.”

Other residents were concerned about the safety of cart drivers and passengers.

Cindy Casparro said she has been driving behind golf carts in the community and reports that kids in the back are not in seatbelts. She also reported seeing the carts back up traffic on Hoover Road.

Councilman Mark Sigrist said Grove City is a golf cart, bicycle, and pedestrian-friendly community.

“I hope we can embrace a slower culture,” he said.

According to Holt, more changes regarding low-speed vehicles are likely in the coming years. He said city leaders are looking into the creation of signage so motorists know they may encounter drivers in golf carts.

The vehicles are not still permitted on sidewalks or on multi-use paths.

For more information on operating low-speed vehicles in the city, visit





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