Green thumbs gather to beautify Glenwood Park

Messenger photos by Dedra Cordle
The plant bed that welcomes visitors to the Hilltop area became a little bit more beautiful thanks to the efforts of a few green-thumbed westside residents. On July 21 and 22, members of the Highland West Civic Association teamed up with volunteers at The Refuge Ministries and Veritas Community Church to beautify the flower and plant bed located in Glenwood Park by raking leaves, pulling weeds, and adding multiple layers of mulch to bring out the vibrant colors of the native species who thrive there. Pictured here carefully placing mulch around the group of black-eyed Susan flowers and coneflowers that are buzzing with pollinators is Carla Carr with the Highland West Civic Association. She said the charitable organization often hosts beautification events in the park and throughout the area because they want their community to look nice. “It can be a lot of work but I think it is worth it,” said Carr. To see what other events the civic association has planned, visit their website at or go to their Facebook page.
Tom Matrka unloads another wheelbarrow full of mulch to the flower bed at the park.
Phil Shimer, a pastor at Veritas Community Church, pulls weeds around the plants.
The dozen volunteers who beautified the plant bed gather for a photo after a job well done. Geoffrey Phillips, the president of the HWCA, said they would like to plant more native flowers and grasses in the bed next year.
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