Good old fashioned fun

Messenger photos by Dedra Cordle
On June 5, the community came out to Century Village in Fryer Park to experience a bit of old-fashioned fun during the Heritage Celebration. Among the newest attractions was the unveiling of the recently restored railroad station. Here, Suzanne Gibboney-Rogers, a volunteer with the Southwest Franklin County Historical Society, breaks all kinds of societal norms during that era as she not only sits at the desk of the stationmaster (who were traditionally male) but shows off a little skin at the ankle. “People would be very scandalized by her behavior,” said historical society president Steven Jackson.
Grove City resident Jackson Phillips swings at a pitch during the vintage “base ball” game between the Ohio Village Muffins and the Century Village Greyhounds. Phillips, 18, was a member of the Central Crossing High School baseball team.
Nancy Pennell joins a jam session with historical society member Vic Wolfe. She said they often perform folk songs at Century Village on Saturdays.
Nate Wanner and his daughter Esme, 6, “horse around” at the vintage toy station.
Mary Jane LaLonde, left, and Mary Sanger check out the chives at the garden in Century Village. Both are volunteers with the Gardens at Gantz Park.


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