Golf carts cause concern in Grove City

By Andrea Cordle
Grove City Editor

One does not need to live near a golf course to see golf carts driving around the community.

“The carts have increased in popularity. You can see them in any area,” said Ben Ferree, community relations supervisor with the Grove City Division of Police.

With the increase in use of the carts, comes an increase in complaints.

“Most of the complaints we (the police department) get is with people driving the carts too fast or a minor is driving the vehicle,” said Ferree.

Ferree said the division of police also receives reports of people driving the golf carts on restricted areas, like sidewalks and bike paths.

In October 2019, Grove City council passed legislation to regulate golf carts and similar low-speed vehicles. The legislation allows residents to operate the vehicles with restrictions for operator and public safety.

Under the city’s code, low-speed and under-speed vehicles are not permitted on any street or highway with an established speed limit greater than 35 miles per hour. According to Ferree, the vehicles are not permitted on the major thoroughfares in Grove City, including Broadway, Stringtown Road, and London-Groveport Road. The carts are also prohibited on sidewalks or multi-use paths.

In order to legally operate a golf cart within the city of Grove City, the driver must have a valid driver’s license and insurance. Ferree said the vehicle must be registered and titled in accordance with state law.

The golf carts must also pass an inspection by the Grove City Division of Police. An officer will check to make sure the cart is equipped with a windshield, rear view mirror, turn signal, head lights, brakes, steering wheel, seat belts, license plates, taillights, and a horn.

According to Ferree, residents can call the police department at 614-277-1735 to schedule an inspection. He said an officer will come to the property or home to inspect the under-speed vehicle.

The division of police has its own golf cart.

“We use it for community patrol,” said Ferree. “We find that it’s more approachable than the cruisers.”

The department has had the cart for seven years.

For more information on the rules and regulations pertaining to the use of golf carts, visit and look under the ‘safety and legal’ tab.

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