Going rounds over roundabout


By Dedra Cordle
Staff Writer

To have a roundabout or not to have a roundabout? That is one of the main questions regarding the Borror Road improvement project.

With funding secured through the Ohio Public Works Commission, the local government entities and developers involved in the estimated $6.2 million project have recently began mulling over the necessity of a roundabout.

The initial plan for the Borror Road improvement project calls for a single land roundabout to be placed at the intersection of Borror Road and Buckeye Parkway.

At recent government meetings, several residents who reside along Borror Road have spoken out in opposition of the placement of a roundabout. Several trustees with Jackson Township have done so as well.

While giving a monthly improvement project update at the Feb. 5 Jackson Township board of trustees meeting, engineer Mike Keller with EMH&T said a request regarding the pros and cons of a roundabout at the intersection has been approved.

Trustee David Burris, who has spoken out against the roundabout, said he was happy to hear that the pros and cons would be researched.

“One of the main goals of this project was to get kids safely down Borror Road and I just don’t think a roundabout will do that,” he said.

Keller said he knows that the placement of a roundabout can be a hot-button issue. He added that there will be a public meeting held later in March to talk about alternatives to a roundabout at the intersection in question as well as other matters regarding the improvement project.

The Borror Road improvement project is not slated to begin until 2019. The plan calls for the reconstruction of roughly 1.8 miles of roadway with a focus on the section between Quail Creek Boulevard and State Route 104.

Additionally, the improvement project plan includes the widening of the road to 32 feet and the installation of a multi-use path to provide pedestrians and bicyclists access to the Scioto Grove Metro Park. The plan also calls for street lighting, an extension of the water main and updates to the storm water system.

In other township news, the board approved a time change for several upcoming regular meetings. On March 6 and April 3, the regular meeting time has been changed from 1:30 p.m. to noon, as well as on Aug. 7, Sept. 4 and Oct. 2. The change was enacted to accommodate scheduling conflicts for several trustees.


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