GMHS gym springs a leak

A leaky roof in the Groveport Madison High School gym caused the postponement of the Groveport Madison – Worthington Kilbourne boys varsity basketball game on Feb. 5.

Groveport Madison Director of Pupil Personnel Mike Beck said heavy rains throughout the day on Feb. 5 contributed to the leak, which is believed to be centered around a roof peg where rain water collected.

"It was a steady drip, no more than that," said Beck of the leak, who added the wooden gym floor did not suffer any water damage.

Beck said the leak dripped water near mid-court about 10 to 15 feet from the sideline. Officials considered the option of having someone periodically wipe the floor so the game could be played, but it was decided that, for safety reasons, it was better to postpone the contest.

Beck said roofers were expected to examine the roof on Feb. 6 and hopes were that it could be repaired quickly.

"It (the leak) is not anything severe," said Beck.

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