Getting wild at the Westland Area Library

Messenger photos by Andrea Cordle
Children who came to the Westland Area Library on June 10 were in for a wild experience. Kids packed a room in the library to catch a glimpse of animals from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Animal specialists from the zoo showed the animal ambassadors to the library patrons and educated them about the animals and their habitats. The biggest hit of the afternoon was Sonny, the two-toed sloth (pictured here) who hails from South America. Sloths spend most of their time hanging out in trees. They eat and sleep upside down.
Here, dozens of children check out Halibut, an endangered African penguin.
Who says only domestic animals are spoiled? Tom Tom, a wallaby from the Columbus Zoo, is carried around the room by Doug Fox, an animal program specialist at the zoo. 
Bonita, an armadillo, curls itself into a ball while library patrons look on.
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