Get green for the holidays with SWACO

The Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) says give the gifts that keep on giving this holiday season by practicing the “3-R’s” of reduce, reuse and recycle. It’s easy to be green for the Holidays when you take a little time to understand your choices.

Wrap up your holiday gift-giving by choosing solid color gift bags. They can be reused (for many occasions) and can be decorated with green touches such as a pine cone or a small pine twig. When you open your gifts, remember, paper, cardboard, and more are all recyclable. Please break down your cardboard so it fits in the recycling containers. Close to 40 percent of what is sent to SWACO’s Franklin County Landfill is paper or cardboard and can be recycled.  Visit to find the nearest free SWACO recycling drop off location.  Holiday tins from food and popcorn can be recycled, but why not save them for storing things like your holiday tree lights and ornaments.

When planning your holiday parties, ladle up the punch and hot-mulled cider in reusable cups. One time polystyrene cups only add to your trash while festive holiday mugs and dishware bring an added festive touch to your event.

Green power is not the latest super hero video game, rather it is the use of rechargeable batteries which make a great holiday gift. Rechargeables are a gift that keeps on giving and cuts waste. There’s another form of rechargeable that cuts waste as well – gift cards, many of which can be used over and over.

If your gifts around the tree feature new clothes, household items and furniture, make sure your older useable items don’t go to waste. Donations of used clothing, furniture and more are many times tax deductible. More importantly, those donations can be a late holiday gift to those in need. By finding a second use for these items, we also save space in SWACO’s Franklin County landfill.

Many people take the time to update their computer and cell phone equipment around the holidays. Remember the old equipment is recyclable. A complete list of local businesses that will recycle consumer e-waste (at little or no cost) is available at  

Your time is a most precious gift, produces little waste, and is always appreciated.

Donate your time in honor of someone you love. Or give the person you love the promise of help around the house.

Take time this holiday season to choose green. When you do, you’re giving yourself, as well as those around you, gifts that keep on giving.

SWACO is the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio. They believe today’s throwaways are the foundation for tomorrow. In doing so, they act as a catalyst to bring “Smart Solutions for reducing waste to Central Ohio.”

SWACO also provides consumers recycling opportunities around Franklin County through 190 recycling drop off-locations, at major sporting and entertainment venues, in Columbus City Schools, and other locations. They also operate the Franklin County Landfill, three transfer stations, and other programs. More information can be founon SWACO at

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