GC to save on salt

Grove City has been asked to do its part in conserving salt after a particularly demanding winter combined with limited available supply.

Central Ohio has endured 12 snow events so far this winter compared to 8 for all of last season. The end result is an increase in the city’s road salt usage from 800 tons to 1200 tons. The increase has left statewide resources low until more salt can be mined.

The salt deficit is forcing Grove City to be more judicious with its salt usage. However, city officials are reassuring residents that road safety is still a top priority.

"We will still plow all roads as we have but will try to limit the salt to our main roads and only salt secondary roads after inspection and the need is clearly identified," said Grove City Public Service Director, Darryl Hughes.

Salt mine production has been stepped up but until it meets demand, Grove City snow plow drivers will have to be extra diligent. Hughes credits road crews with doing the best that they can under current conditions and hopes that the weather will ease up in coming weeks.

"Until then, we will do our part to conserve resources while continuing to keep Grove City roadways clear and safe."

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