Funds needed for animal surgeries

 Icobod ("Icky")

The Humane Society of Madison County is seeking financial support to help five animals that have special medical conditions.

The Humane Society has what is known as the Shiba/Noel Fund for emergency medical cases. In the past, the organization has had enough money to fix broken legs, administer heartworm treatments, fix hernias and cherry eyes, take care of pneumonia, and more. However, the Shiba/Noel Fund does not have sufficient resources to cover the Humane Society’s  current cases.

The animals and their conditions are as follows:


The Madison County dog warden brought Gomer, a stray py mix, to the animal shelter. Gomer is heartworm positive. He has already received treatment, but money is needed to finish paying his bill of $160. He has a family who wants to adopt him.


Dice is just about a year old. He is a border collie/retriever mix who came in as a stray with his sister who has already been adopted. Dice spent 30 days in the dog care program at a local correctional institution. He was adopted, however, he was returned because the person was not ready for that much energy.

Dice’s first day back to prison was on March 17. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. A fight broke out between two inmates. Somebody got pushed into Dice’s handler who was an innocent bystander. The handler fell backward and landed on Dice, breaking Dice’s back left leg.

Dice was picked up, put on pain medicine and taken to a veterinary clinic. Dice had to have a pin put in his leg to save it. The surgery was done on March 20, however, funds need to be raised to cover his bill of $300. (More bills could be forthcoming if more care or x-rays are needed.)


JJ is a 6-month-old healthy kitten. The day she was scheduled to go to the Luv-A-Pet Center at  PetSmart Westpointe Plaza, she popped out a hernia. The hernia must be repaired before JJ can be adopted. The surgery, which has yet to be performed, will likely cost about $100.


Icobod or (Icky) is not quite a year old. He is a lab mix stray  brought in by the dog warden. Icky had been neutered and sent to the dog care program at a local prison. He has cherry eyes, which can be painful and cause blindness if left untreated. Surgery to fix them costs $150 to $200.  


When Piglet came to the shelter, he was so matted that clippers barely took care of the problem. Roseanna Knox groomed him at no charge. While his grooming is taken care of, he does have a cherry eye that needs surgery. The cost will be $130 to $150.

All totaled, these cases will cost $900. Donations can be made a number of ways:

1. Paypal on the Humane Society’s Web site under the donation button. Just make sure to  list for Shiba/Noel.

2. Credit card donations can be made directly to VCA Mill Run at  614-529-2222 or VCA Sawmill at 614-766-2222. Be sure to  mention the Humane Society of Madison County as these vet offices work with other humane societies.

3. Mail a check or money order to HSMC, P.O. Box 777, London OH 43140, Attention: Shiba/Noel Fund.

The Humane Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Donations can be used as tax deductions.

For more information, call the animal shelter at 740-852-7387 or  send e-mail to shelter director Betty Peyton at

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