Funding for fire equipment secured in Franklin Twp.

By Amanda Ensinger
Staff Writer

A local community is celebrating the efforts by township leadership to secure funding for much needed resources.

At a recent Franklin Township trustees meeting, Assistant Fire Chief Chas Adams discussed the latest funds the township received to enhance services provided by the fire department.
Adams said the department was awarded a $6,790 donation from Eitel’s Towing.

“Thanks to this generous donation, we were able to purchase 1,100 feet of hose and new nozzles,” Adams said. “This is much needed equipment and would not be possible without this donation.”

According to Adams, the current nozzles the fire department is using are at least 15 years old and desperately needed replaced.

Adams also asked the township to approve the selling of their current foam truck and the purchase of a new foam truck. Firefighting foam is used for fire suppression and is used to extinguish difficult-to-fight fires, such as fires that involve petroleum or other flammable liquids.

“In the last five years we have had four major foam incidents,” Adams said. “Our currently foam truck is from 1982 and is falling apart.”

Recently, the township used the foam truck in May for an incident in Dublin.

“Foam is expensive, and the incident will result in us being reimbursed over $27,000 for foam used,” Adams said. “Madison County has a foam truck they want to sell us for $12,000 that includes the truck, foam and equipment, which is an amazing deal.”

According to Adams, based on the funds they will be reimbursed, the township looks to net approximately $12,000 after the purchase of the truck.

“I think this sounds like an amazing deal,” said trustee John Fleshman. “We end up with a new truck, foam and equipment and we still make thousands of dollars.”

Fleshman also praised Adams for the opportunities he has brought the township, including generating millions in grants for the community.

“Thanks to the efforts of Chas, the township was able to secure a $1.4 million SAFER grant to keep our staff afloat while we got through some tough times,” Fleshman said. “That grant paid for 10 full-time employees for two and a half years. It also didn’t cost the township a dime and we didn’t have to pay it back.”

Adams added that the new foam truck will only have 4,994 miles on it and they plan on selling the old fire truck to generate further revenue for the township.

In related new, Adams reminded residents of quick tips to stay healthy this summer, as well as protect the community. Among these tips was staying hydrated and being cautious of flammables.

“We are not used to this weather and it is going to continue to get very hot,” Adams said. “Please drink plenty of water, as well as be cautious of anything that could start a fire. Everything is very dry and a fire can spread very quickly with this weather.”

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