FT trustee resigns; search for replacement begins


Franklin Township officials will soon be searching for a new trustee.

Trustee Cheryl Schrack announced plans to resign from the board at the end of May due to her husband’s failing health.

"I’ve really labored over this and I’m leaving with a heavy heart," said Schrack. "I am really worried about my husband, and I think my time is better spent at home."

Schrack expressed her reluctance in saying goodbye to certain individuals with whom she has worked and still works.

The remaining trustees, Tim Guyton and Don Cook, will interview community members interested in the position and agree on which candidate best serves the needs of the township. If the trustees cannot agree, a new trustee will be appointed by the courts, according to Police Chief Mike Castle.

Headstone replacements

In other township news, in cooperation with the Veteran Service Commission, Franklin Township seeks to replace deteriorating headstones belonging to veterans buried in Union Cemetery, located on Frank Road.

"The headstones have to be in poor condition to replace them," said Veteran Service Commission Representative Joyce Lilly.

The commission will assess the condition of the headstones in the cemetery, some of which are nearly 300 years old, and decide which require replacement. Replacing the headstones will come at no cost to the township.

The township must submit an application for the cemetery and, once approved, will decide from a list of options the aesthetics of the new markers.

The amount of time necessary to complete the project is still unknown.  

Easter flower sale

Also, the Franklin Township 1441 Local Fire Union scheduled its annual Easter flower sale for March 20-23.

The proceeds from the flower sale are invested in township projects that would not otherwise see funding. In previous years, the benefits have been used to fund scholarships, training for juvenile fire fighters, and other essentials such as pots and pans for the fire department.

To keep up-to-date on Franklin Township news and events, visit www.franklin-township.com.

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