FT to join SWAC in planning


The city of Columbus will begin forming a committee comprised of residents and business owners from the Southwest section of the city along with those from Franklin Township.

The committee will be comprised of people from various neighborhoods and economic situations who want to contribute ideas to the Southwest Area plan.  The plan will detail what capitol improvements residents want to see for their area including sidewalks, recreational facilities, libraries and doctor’s offices.

Southwest Area Commission President Ralph Horn approached the Franklin Township Trustees to request they join the committee to ensure the township has a voice considering the commission area comprises a large portion of the township.  Jackson Township also overlaps the commission area.

“The area plan is moving forward pretty rapidly,” Horn said. “The city wants both townships to be involved to form a cross-section of the citizens in the commission area to sit on the panel.”

The panel will have a minimum of one meeting per month over the nine to ten month span of the process.  Horn said he has requested the meetings be in the evening.

Franklin Township Trustee Cheryl Schrack said that usually meetings involving the county occur during the day, therefore the trustees would not be able to attend because of their work.  However, she supports a comprehensive plan for the area because it would give the township some “teeth” when dealing with businesses.

“For example a towing company could not be in a residential neighborhood,” Schrack said.

The next meeting of the Southwest Area Commission will be held on November 14, at least one of the trustees will attend they said.

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