FT residents oppose zoning issue

Disgruntled residents of Franklin Township again protested a zoning issue, this time over a resident on Clime Road applying for a variance to build a large garage.

The property owner intends to build a pole barn, a larger size out-building than permissible for the property’s size.

Nearby residents are convinced the garage will house a business.

“He claims he’s not going to run a business out of there, but I don’t believe the guy,” said one resident at the Franklin Township trustee meeting held May 29.

“Isn’t operating a tow truck out of there a business?”

The trustees agree that running a business out of a residentially zoned property presents a problem, but cannot prove the resident intends to do so.

“He isn’t asking for re-zoning and he isn’t asking for a business. He’s asking for a building to park his wreck truck,” said trustee Tim Guyton who believes the trustees should let Board of Zoning Appeals handle the matter.

“We know what he’s applied for. You’re assuming what he’s going to do. Those are two separate issues,” said Guyton.

According to Fire Chief Richard Howard, the Franklin Township Fire Department has already reprimanded the property for violations.

The next Board of Zoning Appeals hearing is scheduled for June 16.

In other news, Franklin Township Trustee Cheryl Schrack retired from the board of trustees after 14 “successful and dedicated” years, according to the motion passed in her honor, commemorating her service.

“I think it goes without saying how much I value this township and how much I value the trustees,” said Schrack.

“It’s been a real pleasure to serve.”

The remaining trustees continue to search for a replacement and must appoint a new member by July 1.

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