FT residents against zoning case

Residents of Franklin Township again solicited the help of trustees to protest a re-zoning application.

Neighbors of the applicant complained that the property owner operates an expediting company from his residence at 1267 Hart Road, creating unbearable noise and releasing odorous fumes from several running trucks.

"My windows rattle when the trucks are running," said Tracie Meineri, the applicant’s neighbor, at the Franklin Township Trustee meeting on June 12.

Meineri worries also that allowing a trucking company into the area would endanger her children as trucks drive on and off the premises.

Other neighbors have complained of diesel fuel fumes in the air.

"If he gets permission to do this, it’s just going to get worse," said neighbor Dennis Gallagher.

Trustees agreed to send a letter to the Board of Zoning Appeals in protest of the application.

The complaints pertaining to the Hart Road residence represent the third protest of a zoning issue in three consecutive trustee meetings and similarly, the third time residents have pleaded for help from the trustees to take action in the same amount of time.

The trustees wrote a letter in opposition to a rezoning application for a location on Brown Road after the May 15 meeting when residents complained that the property owner was running a body shop illegally.

Another complaint arose from residents near a Clime Road residence, the owner of which asked for a permit to build a large garage.

In that case, the trustees did not act as the property owner was not asking to re-zone his property to operate a business.

In other township news, trustees continue to interview to fill the vacant trustee position, which came open when Cheryl Schrack retired from the position in May after 14 years of service.

Trustees Timothy Guyton and Don Cook expect to make a final decision on the matter by the next trustee meeting, scheduled for June 26.

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