FT orders new medic

Franklin Township trustees ordered a new medic for the fire department.

The cost of the vehicle will be nearly $187,000 due upon delivery. Most of the expense, approximately $178,000, qualified for state bid pricing.

Once the medic arrives, the township will borrow money to cover the expense. Fire Chief Rick Howard said finding a loan would not be a problem.

The trustees planned to issue the purchase order for the new medic by Dec. 28 because the state bid pricing ended on Dec. 31.

After the fire department receives the new medic, one of the department’s other ambulances will go to the shop to have its floor replaced.

The township pays a minimal annual fee to participate in state bid pricing. Trustee Tim Guyton said he thought the township paid approximately $100 a year to be included in the state program.

Trustee Don Cook said the township also took advantage of state minimum bidding to purchase a new dump truck that is expected to arrive in January. The township planned to receive the truck in October, but the manufacturer experienced delays.

The company from which the township purchased the dump truck was unavailable during the holiday season; therefore Cook said he could not check the progress.

State minimum bidding is not exclusive to vehicles. The township also purchased cleaning supplies using the state prices.

The next Franklin Township trustees meeting will be held Jan. 10 at the township office, 2193 Frank Road.

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