FT officials looking for garbage burners

Franklin Township fire and police have been trying to find the person burning garbage late at night in the Eastfield area.   

After residents complained, the fire department began making a nightly patrol of the neighborhood, but neighbors would not smell smoke until after the fire department left.

“The engine is not quiet,” Fire Chief Howard said.

The department looked into backyards and could find no evidence of burning.

The nightly patrols have ceased and the township needs the residents to help find the culprit.

Howard said residents need to call the department as soon as they smell smoke.  To contact Howard, residents should call 279-1537.

Even if the department receives a call, they may not initially find the fire due to wind. But if residents continue to make calls, the fire department will eventually pinpoint the location.

Once the fire department catches the culprit, he or she will answer to the police or the EPA.  

“If it’s really nasty, the EPA will sock it to you,” Howard said.

Some people have to burn trash in their chimneys to heat their home, Howard said.  That is legal unless the smoke becomes a nuisance or it attracts rats

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