FT businessman may ease flooding in Whims Ditch

A Franklin Township business owner wants to make improvements to his property that he hopes will benefit his neighbors by easing flooding along Whim’s Ditch.

Arnold and Joyce Scott, owners of C and D Landfill, propose to expand their operations by 38 acres and excavate some of the land to create ponds to hold water coming through from Whim’s Ditch and other sources.

“We want people to know that Scott wants to expand the landfill to protect the people” engineer Pat Loper told the Franklin Township trustees at their Aug. 9 meeting. “We want input from the people.

“He wants to continue his business but doesn’t want to offend his neighbors,” Loper added.

The first thing that Scott needs is a license to expand and Loper said he has applied to the Franklin County Health Department for that permit.

“The Health Department has 90 days in which to approve it, reject it or request more information,” Loper said. He applied for the permit in June and the Health Department has about 30 more days in which to respond, he said.

Meanwhile, area residents can express their views on this project by talking with the trustees. Loper, who works with an engineering firm in Dayton, said if there are sufficient questions raised, he can attend another trustees meeting to discuss the issue with residents.

The landfill accepts construction and demolition debris only and is one of two such operations in the county. Franklin Township receives funds from a tipping fee, an estimated $35,000 a year, said trustees chairman Tim Guyton.

Any excavation done will have to have a liner, according to rules established in 1996, long after Scott went into business. The expansion and the existing 18 acres will have that liner, Loper said.

Plans also would include cutting a10-foot wide open ditch that would connect to Whim’s Ditch. It would be a dry ditch and easy to maintain. There would be no tile in it.

The excavated land will be piled up, thus giving the landfill the same amount of water storage space as there is now.

“Anything we can do to alleviate the flooding is a win-win for everyone,” Guyton said.

In the past two years the tipping fee has given the township $70,000 which the township will use to help pay for road improvements on 1,260 feet of Old Brown Road. The township will apply for an Ohio Public Works grant for the project. A public hearing on this project will be held Aug. 23 at 5 p.m., and the trustees’ regular meeting will begin at 6 p.m.

Trustees also voted to purchase a cot for the fire department’s medic units. According to Chief Rick Howard, this cot would be strong enough to handle 700 pounds.

“The public is getting bigger,” he said.

The current cot holds up to 400 pounds capacity and has been broken several times. It’s been repaired three times in the past year, the chief said.

The current type of cot is no longer being made so he wants one stronger “for the safety of the public and our employees.”

The cot would cost no more than $3,814, and Howard said he has an EMS grant of $3,000 which would cover most of that cost.

Trustees have also set a firm date for the township’s auction, which will be held Oct. 20.

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