Franklin Township trustees review pricing for trash contract

By Amanda Ensinger
Staff Writer

The Franklin Township trustees continue to debate a trash contract.

The topic was discussed again at a recent board meeting.

The board reviewed proposed pricing for a trash contract, as well as what services would be included. Called SWACO Consortium II, residents would pay approximately $19.99 a month to be a part of the consortium.

“We received two bids for this and Local Waste had the lowest rates,” said trustee Aryeh Alex. “While Rumpke’s bid was lower than what some residents are currently paying, it still was more expensive than Local Waste.”

With service fees and billing, Local Waste would charge $19.99 a month, while Rumpke proposed charging $21.32 a month for services. Including in the services is trash, recycling and yard waste collection.

One of the biggest concerns of the trustees was the impact having a trash contract would have on senior citizens who have limited income.

“We have a lot of seniors in our community that have fixed incomes,” said trustee John Fleshman. “Would these seniors get some type of discount to help with this bill?”

Joseph Durham, representing SWACO, said seniors would be eligible for a 10 percent discount or approximately $1.50 off their bill.

Fleshman also wanted to know if the service provider would assist seniors or those disabled with putting the trash at the curb if they are unable to do it themselves, as well as put it back once trash has been collected.

According to Durham, there is a law in Ohio which requires trash haulers to offer this service. This service is priced out in the contract bid package at $25 per month versus the $19.39 standard fee. However, those that qualify as disabled under the Ohio Revised Code, which states any residents which a physical disability which limits or impairs their ability to walk, would not have to pay this additional fee.

Another concern of the trustees was if there would be an increase over time. According to SWACO, the township would be locked into these rates for five years.

“Consortium II has not had a price increase for 10 years,” said Mari Long of SWACO. “There are three services provided with three trucks coming through for this one rate. In today’s market, this rate is right on target where it should be.”

Alex added that he fears as time goes by if the township does not get locked into the low rates now, individual residents may see an increase in there bills.

“If the township does not lock this in now and we leave the residents on their own, their individual bills will be going up significantly more than the amount outlined here in the consortium,” Alex said. “If the township doesn’t do something, residents won’t be paying an increase of $60 a year, it could look more like $100 per year with ongoing increases the following years.”

According to leadership, currently residents who have their trash collected by individual haulers pay approximately $45 a quarter for trash pickup; with this proposed consortium, residents would see that increase by approximately $15 per quarter.

Currently, the township has no trash agreement, so residents are responsible for coordinating their own trash collection. As a result, there is no unified collection of trash in the township so multiple haulers pick up several different days a week throughout the community.

If the township enters the consortium, they could mandate that all residents participate in the program in an effort to bring one trash hauler to the township. Other communities that would be a part of the consortium include the village of Brice, Clinton, Pleasant, Sharon and Truro townships.

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