Franklin Township considers a ‘no knock’ policy

By Amanda Ensinger
Staff Writer

At a recent Franklin Township meeting, the trustees discussed creating a no knock policy to protect residents from solicitation.

“While we don’t have a resolution for this because we are not a limited home rule township, we have seen other townships enact similar resolutions without having limited home rule authority,” said John Fleshman, township trustee. “We would like to have something to protect residents from having people constantly knocking at their door and asking them to purchase items.”

The trustees added that they would look at a resolution that mirrored what Jefferson Township has in place.

“Basically, how the resolution would work, is if an individual is selling an item, they would need to register with the township before they can go door-to-door selling their item,” said Aryeh Alex, township trustee. “Non-profits like Girl Scouts would be allowed to not register; this is more for businesses looking for a profit.”

Part of the reason the township wants this legislation is to protect residents from having unwanted visitors roaming their neighborhood.

“We don’t want random people knocking on doors and seeing if residents are home or not,” said Ralph Horn, township trustee. “This could lead to people breaking into homes and stealing items. This is a way to further protect our residents.”

In other news, the board provided residents with information on how they can get a free radon test from the Franklin County Board of Health. The board is offering free kits residents can use to test if they have the dangerous gas in their basements.

“Radon is an odorless and tasteless gas that is frequently found in basements,” Fleshman said. “It has been linked to lung cancer and is very dangerous to have in your home.”
Residents simply follow the instructions on the kit, mail it back and the board will let them know if they have radon and how they can remedy it.

To request a kit, contact the township at 614-279-9411 or

Township officials also informed residents that the township as been selected for a grant from SWACO to provide recycling services to the township.

“SWACO is covering 75 percent of the recycling cost to bring recycling to all the township offices,” said Mark Potts, township administrator. “We want to use this partnership as an opportunity to raise awareness about recycling in the township and encourage others to recycle too.”

According to Potts, the township wants to set a good example for the community and hopes if township employees recycle, residents will too.

The township currently does not have a trash or recycling contract with one vendor and instead residents pay for these services individually. The township previously had a trash contract with Local Waste Services, but did not renew their contract when they saw rates increase. The increase was due to residents not paying their bills, as well as many residents opting out.

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