Foster families needed on the Westside

By Sandi Latimer
Staff Writer

A representative of St. Vincent’s Family Center appealed to the Westland Area Commission for families to foster babies.

Jill Frost told commission members at the June 20 meeting that the hardest foster parents to find are those to care for the babies.

“When their own children are past the baby stage, their baby years are done,” Frost said.

She said that with the most recent baby needing foster care, “We had to scramble to find someone.”

Children needing foster care have gone through abuse and neglect, and often the families are battling addiction.
Those who wish to foster children go through training and a background check.

“Supporting the child is most important,” Frost said. “And the biggest thing you can do is spread the word.”

St. Vincent’s is located at 1490 E. Main St. Last year, the agency worked with 5,000 families.

A second speaker, Zach Gwin, introduced himself as an assistant attorney in the office of City Attorney Zach Klein.
Gwin wanted to know if there were any neighborhood issues where the city attorney’s office could help. He cited the hotels at Route 161 and I-71 that had become a haven for drugs and prostitution that the city was able to get boarded up.

Commissioners Dave Van Order and Nancy Day-Achauer talked about buildings under construction on W. Broad St. Day-Achauer said they are being built as an extended stay motel but are being rented as apartments.

In other news, Teena Thompson, Dave Van Order, and Marian Hymer were re-elected for three-year terms. Adam Slane resigned, citing assignments at his job as an aide to U.S. Rep. Steve Stivers prevented him from attending many meetings. Anyone wishing to serve on the commission, a liaison arm of the Columbus City Council, should contract Scott Taylor at

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