Forget me not

By Rick Palsgrove, Groveport Editor

Messenger photos by Rick Palsgrove
Have you lost something at Wagnalls Memorial Library? It may be in this display case at the library waiting for you to claim it.

In its nearly century of existence, Wagnalls Memorial Library in Lithopolis has compiled quite a collection of books and other archival material rich in information for those seeking knowledge.

But the latest display at the library is for seekers of another kind – those who have lost their stuff.

Called the “Wagnalls Lost and Found Collection,” library officials describe it as, “A compelling assortment of misplaced moments, forgotten fragments, and the quiet rediscovery of what was once lost and still is.”

Located in a glass display case on the library’s main floor is a collection of odds and ends that people have forgotten and left behind at the library. Things such as toys, hats, shirts, hoodies, a scrunchie, a cat ears head band, a sippy cup, a make up case, binoculars, a phone charger cord, a monthly planner, and more.

This rubber ducky is quacking up at the thought of being in a lost and found display case.

“We have a lot of stuff in our lost and found every year,” said Wagnalls Memorial Library Manager Sarah Mayzum. “We usually donate it all to Goodwill. But this year we thought we’d give people a chance to pick up their stuff, at least to till the end of February. Hopefully people will come claim their things so the items won’t be sad sitting here waiting for their owners.”

Mayzum said many of the items are kid related.

“Children are excited to be at the library and they get distracted and forget their things,” said Mayzum.

But she said it is not just kids who forget things and lose them at the library, adults do, too. She said many people hold their weddings at Wagnalls and one time the librarians found a pair of pants someone left behind after they changed clothes for the ceremony.

Is this your dino?

The lost and found display at Wagnalls is set up to look like a museum display case complete with information cards describing the items. The twist is that the information cards contain amusing titles for the lost items they are describing such as:

• “Ducky Disappearance” for a rubber ducky;

• “Find Yo’ Dino” for a stuffed toy dinosaur;

• “Looking for Something” for a pair of binoculars;

• “Off to a Bad Start” for a 2024 monthly planner;

• “A Lost Connection” for a phone charger cord;

• “The Emperor’s Lost Clothes” for a collection of hats and shirts; and

• “The Ultimate Seek and Find” for a toy Seek A Boo Memory Game.

“Sometimes it takes awhile for people to realize something is missing,” said Mayzum.

It’s a busy world and it is easy these days for anyone to forgetfully leave something behind. Well, these lost items are missing no more and they eagerly await the return of their owners. For what once was lost, now is found.

Wagnalls Memorial Library is located at 150 E. Columbus St., Lithopolis. Call (614) 837-4765 or visit

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