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By Amanda Amsel
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Larry Wilson launched his new album “Waitin’ on a Train." This is the fourth studio album created by the Galloway resident.
Larry Wilson launched his new album “Waitin’ on a Train.” This is the fourth studio album created by the Galloway resident.

A Galloway resident’s love of music is getting taken to new heights with the release of his fourth studio album.

The album called ‘Waitin’ on a Train,’ is Larry Wilson’s newest record and has been released by Tate Music Group, an independent music group based out of Mustang, Okla.

“While the genre of the album is country gospel, this isn’t your average religious record,” Wilson said. “I don’t adhere to any specific denomination so all the songs are more faith based. Anyone that listens, regardless of your religion, can relate.”

Working with studio artists to complete the album, this is the second record Wilson has done with the independent label. All his other albums have been self-released.

On the record Wilson worked with well renowned country producers, including Grammy winner Don Johnson.

“I wrote all the music on the album as well as sang lead vocals,” he said. “The music is very uplifting and positive, which is how I live my day-to-day life.”

Wilson, who is originally from West Virginia moved to Galloway in the 1980s and raised his family in the area. His daughter inspired him to start a band and pursue music.

“I didn’t start learning how to play the guitar until I was 16 years old, but I never really took it seriously,” Wilson said. “One day my daughter suggested that I start a band and from there this has really taken off.”

Wilson was signed to Tate Music Group in 2011 and says he has been playing lead guitar for approximately 15 years.

“I am self-taught and never took any type of lesson,” he said. “I didn’t release my first album until 2009 and am just astonished at the success we have had in such a short amount of time.”

Describing his musical influences as Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Waylon Jennings and Brad Paisley, Wilson says he wants to share Jesus’s ideology through music.

“I love the idea of living together in harmony and peace and I want to share that idea through music,” he said. “My biggest inspiration is Jesus Christ and the idea of regardless of race, religion or ethnicity that we can all love each other. I hope my music gets that message across.”

Wilson said he also has a local band call Larry Wilson’s God Country Band and tours throughout the country and state. If you would like to see the band, Wilson said they play the third Saturday of every month at Talita’s Kitchen in Grove City.

During his band’s performances his newest CD will be on sale. Also, fans can purchase his CD at for $13.99 or $9.99 (digital download).

“I feel like our music is timeless and speaks to all audiences regardless of spirituality,”
Wilson said. “If you want to hear some positive music that will uplift you please check out my album.”

For more information on Larry Wilson, visit

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