Flood relief could be coming to Graceland-Marimont neighborhood

Residents of the Graceland Avenue/Marimont Road neighborhood in London hope London city council passes legislation to install storm sewer tiles and drainage to provide the area with relief from flooding. This sign stands at the entrance to the neighborhood.

(Posted July 12, 2022)

By Kristy Zurbrick, Madison Editor

Relief from flooding could be on its way to the Graceland Avenue and Marimont Road neighborhood in London.

London city council is considering legislation that would allow for installation of storm sewer tiles and drainage behind the houses on Graceland Avenue. The work would help to catch some of the water that runs off the adjacent field, diverting it away from the neighborhood’s streets, yards, and homes and into the storm sewer system.

The estimated cost of the project is $177,000. Council is considering a resolution that would allow the city to assess each of the 21 property owners in the neighborhood $6,250 each for a total of $131,250 toward the cost of the project. The city would pay the difference.

Property owners would have the choice to pay the $6,250 up front or over the course of 15 years as an assessment on their taxes through the county auditor’s office.

Resident Elizabeth Branson is in favor of the project and fine with the assessment.

“I trust the project will solve a lot of the problems,” she said at a recent council meeting. “This beautiful neighborhood deserves to live without the fear of heavy rains causing stress and sleepless nights.”

Stan Kavy, who has lived on Graceland Avenue for more than 30 years, thanked council members and Rex Castle, the city’s safety-service director, for bringing the project up for consideration.

Kavy is a commercial property appraiser. His wife, Diana, has worked as a residential realtor for more than 25 years. Kavy said the drainage project would help the neighborhood’s property values.

“I’m more than willing to pay our share for the 15 years… No problem. I think it’s such a good investment for all of us,” Kavy said, adding that he appreciates that the city plans to carry some of the cost burden if the project moves forward.

Council will hold a public hearing on the assessment resolution at their July 21 meeting. The resolution will be up for a third reading at that time and, therefore, eligible for a vote. Related legislation, including a resolution to put the project out to bid and a resolution to appropriate improvement funds for the project, also will be up for a third reading and possible vote. The meeting is set for 6:30 p.m. and will take place at city hall, 20 S. Walnut St., London.

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