FitCore Extreme fitness course installed at Cowling Park

Stacey Alderman and Molly Flynn work to install an “angled overhead ladder,” one of six stations on the new FitCore Extreme fitness course at Cowling Park. Visible in the background are the “jump hang” and “over under bars.” Alderman and Flynn were part of a large group of volunteers who assisted in installing the fitness equipment June 4-5.

(Posted June 7, 2021)

By Kristy Zurbrick, Madison Editor

Teens and adults have a new opportunity to test their strength, agility, balance, and grit.

Last weekend, London city employees volunteered their time to install a six-station FitCore Extreme outdoor fitness course at Cowling Park. As soon as the mulch is laid–likely sometime this week–the course will be available for use.

The six stations are as follows:

  • A-Frame Cargo Net–Users climb up one side, transition over the top beam, and climb down the other side.
  • Jump Hang–Users jump from a launch ramp to grab a suspended cargo net, then make their way across the underside of the net to reach the other side without touching the ground.
  • Angled Overhead Ladder–Similar in appearance to monkey bars, this obstacle tests upper body strength. Steps at each end help users to reach the rungs. Steps in the middle allow for entry or dismount for a shorter challenge.
  • Unstable Bridge–Two planks hang from a crossbar. Users hold onto both sides of the planks and work their way across the expanse, without touching the ground.
  • Ledge Hanger–Users must have good finger strength and upper body strength for this station which features small ledges attached at intervals across the width of a large panel. There are three color-coded challenge levels from which to choose.
  • Over Under Bars–As described on the Landscape Structures website, this station requires users to jump high and duck low. For an easier go of it, users can jump over the short bars and duck under the tall bars. Advanced users can try doing the opposite.
The “ledge hanger” is lowered into place. The obstacle, one of six in the new outdoor fitness course at London’s Cowling Park, requires grip strength and upper body strength to traverse.

Installation of the obstacle course wraps up the park improvement project known as Access Cowling. Started in late 2016, the project used a combination of local donations, state funding, and volunteer labor to install the fitness course, walking paths, and playground equipment accessible to young children of all abilities.

“I’m very proud of it. I’m very proud of the community for everything they did. It’s overwhelming, the support we received,” said Amy Rees, president of the London Community Organization, the non-profit under which Access Cowling functioned. “We’ve created a place everyone can enjoy, whether they have mobility issues or are elite athletes. It’s something for the whole community.”

Cowling Park is located at Main and Park streets.

Equipment for the new FitCore Extreme fitness course arrives at Cowling Park. Bill Long (far left), London’s street department supervisor, and several members of the city’s fire/EMS department help to unload the equipment.


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