Fiscal officer resigns in Franklin Township


By Amanda Ensinger
Staff Writer

Franklin Township Fiscal Officer Mary Rhinehart is stepping down.

At a recent meeting, the board of trustees accepted her resignation. Rhinehart took the position in April 2020 and said she would be resigning due to the board not providing her with the tools she needs to effectively complete her job.

Rhinehart wanted to hire another assistant fiscal officer. The board originally approved the budget to hire someone to that position, then rescinded it saying that the fiscal department had more help than other departments and it wouldn’t be fiscally responsible to approve another position.

The board plans to fill her position quickly as this is a key position within the township. Assistant Fiscal Officer Robyn Watkins will stay on with the department.

“The board acknowledges Rhinehart’s resignation and wishes her well,” said John Fleshman, township trustee.

In other township news, the board approved several resolutions to upgrade materials in the township. Among the items approved, new mattresses for the fire department and vehicle repairs.

The board approved spending up to $2,645 on nine twin mattresses from the Original Mattress Factory for the Franklin Township Fire Department.

Franklin Township Fire Chief James Welch reported that his department’s 22 Pierce Arrow vehicle, one of their three fire trucks, went into the shop in the last couple of weeks because it would only go 35 miles per hour, was stalling and becoming less reliable.

“The Ohio CAT looked at it and found metal in basically the entire fuel system,” Welch said. “The mechanic reported it would require extensive repairs.”

The board approved spending up to $22,500 for the repairs.


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