Fireworks safety and rules

The Fourth of July will soon be here and the Groveport Police are reminding everyone that many fireworks are illegal.

“We want everyone to have a safe and happy holiday,” said Groveport Police Chief Ralph Portier.

Portier said that even sparklers burn at a high temperature and will cause serious damage to a child’s hands and face. Sparklers can burn at more than 1,000°F and set clothes on fire, while firecrackers can injure the hands or face if they explode at nearby. Children are often excited and curious around fireworks and this can increase their chances of being injured.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, sparklers were associated with more than half of the estimated injuries among children under age 5 in 2005.

If you purchase sparklers for children, follow these guidelines from the National Council on Fireworks Safety: Obey the local laws and use common sense. Always read and follow instructions. Always have an adult present. Keep burning sparklers away from clothing and flammable objects. Use sparklers only outdoors, away from buildings and vehicles. Light only one sparkler at a time. Alcohol, fireworks and sparklers do not mix. Be responsible. Do not point or throw sparklers at another person. Children under the age of 12 should not handle sparklers. When finished, place used sparklers in a bucket of water.

Other than sparklers, all fireworks purchased must be taken out of state.

Remember that if you set off fireworks and your neighbor’s home catches on fire, you will be liable for all damages, in addition to being charged criminally in court.

“We will cite persons who are using, discharging, or even in possession of, and confiscate fireworks for destruction by the Ohio State Fire Marshal’s office,” said Portier.

For information contact the Madison Township Fire Department at 837-7883 for details about fireworks.

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