Firefighters get kudos in Franklin Township


By Amanda Ensinger
Staff Writer

Franklin Township emergency workers are being recognized for going above and beyond.

At a recent board meeting, Franklin Township Fire Department Assistant Chief Chas Adams thanked township firefighters for their heroic efforts during a recent fatal fire.

“I want to commend the firefighters and EMS crews who responded to that call,” Adams said. “They did an amazing job dealing with a horrible situation.”

According to Adams, firefighters and EMS crews transported a 16-year-old from the fire to the hospital, but unfortunately she didn’t survive.
Adams said that there have been seven fatalities in the township since the beginning of the year.

In an effort to reduce these fatalities, fire department officials also gave an update on the smoke detector program.

Recently, the department installed 40 smoke detectors in the Western Estates and El Paso Drive area and plans to visit the Mon-E-Bak neighborhood next.

“Our goal is to have a smoke detector in every home in the township by the end of the year,” Adams said. “To do this, the American Red Cross will be helping us out quarterly and our crew will also be going door-to-door.”

In other news, Franklin Township Road Superintendent Jim Stevens asked the board of trustees for permission to hire township firefighters to help cut grass this summer.

“Last year, we neglected our crack and seal program because we were so busy abating nuisance properties,” Steven said. “I have a feeling this summer we are going to be just as busy, so I was wondering if we can use firemen who are off duty to help with some of this work.”

In 2016, the road department abated 126 properties.

“We can’t neglect these other things this year or else our roads will be in serious trouble,” Stevens said.

While the board understood why the road department needs extra help, there were concerns of having firefighters do the job.

“The issue is if they get hurt they won’t be able to work their regular job,” said Don Cook, trustee.

Cook suggested hiring student workers.

Stevens said he would like to hire someone that is already in the township’s system, if possible.

The board will consider allowing firefighters to help the road department.

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