Fasone named fire chief; township adopts public comment rules

By Linda Dillman
Staff Writer

Long time firefighter Jeff Fasone moved up a step in rank on June 12 when the Madison Township trustees swore in the interim chief as the fifth fire chief in the department’s history.

Fasone began his career with the department as a part time firefighter/paramedic in 1985 before being hired full time in 1987. Fasone advanced through the department’s ranks as a lieutenant, captain, and battalion chief before being promoted to the top leadership position.

Fasone will oversee a staff of more than 50 employees operating from three stations and is responsible for the department’s strategic planning, budget and finance, staff development, community fire risk management, community education and marketing.

Fasone is a certified firefighter, fire inspector, paramedic, Blue Card instructor and graduate of the Ohio Fire Chiefs Ohio Fire Executive program.

Public comment rules
The trustees adopted new public comment rules after multiple revisions and sometimes heated public discussions.

Individuals addressing the board must fill out and turn in a speaker form prior to the start of the meeting. If they are addressing a non-agenda item, they must indicate the topic on the form, otherwise they will not be permitted to speak.

Forms will not be accepted after the start of the meeting. Under rare circumstances, and with permission of the entire board, a speaker may be permitted to address the board without having previously submitted a request.

Attendees will not be permitted to speak from the audience and each speaker is only allowed one opportunity to speak on a particular subject. They are limited to a five minute presentation.

The trustees will not limit the number of speakers on each side of an issue unless the number of speakers prevents the board from conducting the meeting in a timely manner. In this instance, a majority vote of the board could determine the number of speakers.

Blacklick area Blockwatch Coordinator Reese Kenney said many in her group felt the policy should go back to its previous form by allowing pop-up comments from the audience.

“The current policy is the furthest from being transparent,” said Kenney. “I hope there is some leeway. We have the right to speak up on issues.”

Trustee John Pritchard said although the township is not compelled under Ohio law to permit people to speak during a public meeting, the township policy is flexible.

“These are policies that can be revised,” said Trustee Chairman John Kershner. “We just want to maintain a good flow at meetings.”

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  1. I use to live in Maddison township. It’s best to steer clear of that place unless you have a section 8 voucher and it’s the only place you can go.
    This will only add to the corruption there, having a water company that charges 5x what Columbus does, charging residents that are not able to mow there grass for what ever reason 300 dollars an hour. A corrupt police force that does nothing but sit at business 24 hours a day and officers that have total disregard for laws such as Jason Huston, who victimize residents by threatening to take a alleged victim to jail for not signing a statement and violating there first amendment rights.


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