Family Fishing Day in Prairie Township

Messenger photos by Dedra Cordle
The Ortiz-Escalona family have traveled all across North America in search of a fun fishing adventure, but the residents of the westside discovered that they may not have to travel so far on their quest to find enjoyment in outdoor recreation next time. On Oct. 28, the family of four packed up their chairs, poles, and nets and drove down the street to the Galloway Sports Complex for a morning of catch-and-release. Hosted by the Prairie Township Community Center, the Family Fishing Day provided outdoor enthusiasts like the Ortiz-Escalona family with the opportunity to test out new equipment, try to catch a few of the slippery bass and bluegills, and make long-lasting memories of having a good time fishing without the long drive. Here, Lussio Escalona, 9, tries to get the net untangled before casting it out into the pond.
Rey Escalona, 6, casts his reel at the catch-and-release pond located just off Galloway Road.
Vic Woodward, a recreation supervisor with the Prairie Township Community Center, showcases the bluegill that he caught at the event. It was gently placed back in the water after this photo was taken.
Ixalia Ortiz is all smiles as she prepares for a few hours of local fishing.
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