Family finds new way to express school spirit


Messenger photos by Rachel Scofield
Angie Bias, her son Roy, daughter Becca, and Roy’s friend/teammate Storm Timson pose in front of their Blacklick home.
The Bias family painted the Licking Heights football schedule on its garage door.

Roger and Angie Bias are proud of their children and fanatic about Licking Heights football.

Anyone driving along Marcum Road in Blacklick will have no problem finding their home.

It will be the one draped in banners for their cheerleader daughter Becca and for their son Roy who is a captain of the football team.

It also has the Hornets’ 2008 football schedule painted on the garage door complete with spaces for final scores.

For many teenagers, a display of parental love this ostentatious would be mortifying, but that’s not the case for the Bias children.

"It’s cool," Roy said.

The Biases never miss a game. Roger is a "die hard" fan who spray-painted his head for the opener against Philo and wore a checkerboard headband in the school colors of maroon and gold.

"(The kids) look forward to seeing what he does each week," Angie said.

After each game, many of the teammates go to the Bias house for pizza or subs and to watch video from the game. "It’s good clean fun and nobody gets in trouble," Angie said.

Angie and Roger met in church when she was 2 and he was 4. They began dating when she was in 8th grade and they married a few weeks after she graduated from high school.

They have been together for 22 years and in addition to Becca and Roy, they have an older daughter Brittany and a granddaughter.

"The Lord’s blessed us tremendously," Angie said.


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