Fairytales come true at Madison Rural

Jacob Toops, 8, a second-grader at Madison Rural Elementary, created the winning T-shirt design for the school’s annual Write To Read Week.

Fairytales came true at Madison Rural Elementary during Write To Read Week, May 12-16.

Not only were students and staff decked out in a fairytale theme, so were the hallways. Visitors entered a castle, walked through an enchanted forest, and ended at Cinderella’s ballroom (right outside the school office).

As part of the week’s activities, students:

• donated money to buy books for the school library;

• dressed as kings, queens, knights and their favorite fairytale characters;

• listened to guest readers, which included Tim Wilson of Wilson Printing & Graphics (a Madison Rural alumnus), Madison County Prosecutor Stephen Pronai, Chris Mace of Precision Soya, Pastor Sue McClelland and Michael Browning of Walmart; and

• read books in continuous shifts in the castle (front entryway) with volunteer supervision from the following parent volunteers—Sandy Birchfield, Anne Hunter, Darcy Mast, Bridget Pettit and Lisa Richards.

Each student also wrote their own fairytales. Teachers selected one winner from each grade level. The winners’ stories are as follows:

KINDERGARTEN – Winning Fairytale
Emily Vaughn

Once upon a time there lived a evil knight who did good things. One day a girl named Cinderella was being very, very bad. She was about to catch the princess by surprise. So she went off to get him. Then the evil knight went to fight her. He ran to where she was just at the top of the castle. The evil knight ran up to where Cinderella was and held up his sword and hit Cinderella and she dropped down dead. The princess ran away from her. And the princess and the knight lived happily ever after. The end.

FIRST GRADE – Winning Fairytale
Connor Hunter

Once upon a time in the woods there was a little girl named Little Red Riding Hood. She went outside to go to her grandma’s house to get her food that she made. Meanwhile, Poof! A magic skunk came right in front of her. She said, Go away and never see me again! And he moved on. The skunk got there before she could get there. The skunk scared the mother away. The lived happily ever after.

SECOND GRADE – Winning Fairytale – "The Wolf and the Evil Woman Named Cinderella"
Taylor Preece

Once upon a time there lived a evil girl named Cinderella. She lived in woods. Then there lived a wolf who also lived in woods.

One day the wolf was trotting down a dirt road when he met Cinderella. Cinderella took out her evil wand and turned him into a pumpkin. Then Cinderella went into the wolf’s house and took all of his furniture. At midnight, the wolf turned back into his normal self.

The next morning the wolf looked for Cinderella so he could try to get the wand because it was in the wrong hands. But when he came to her house he saw that she was sitting on her front yard. So he turned around and he saw she was behind him. The wolf said, I thought you were over there. She said, I was but I used my wand to teleport myself over here. Then she gave a big laugh.

The next morning was the time to get rid of Cinderella, the wolf thought to himself. He tried and he thought he did, but when it was time for wolf’s wedding, Cinderella appeared and was about to cast a spell on the wolf, but wolf used a sword to block the spell so it came back and hit her. That was the end of Cinderella, and wolf and his wife lived happily ever after.

THIRD GRADE – Winning Fairytale
Brandon Seymour

Once upon a time there was a Prince Charming. He lived in a little pink and red house in a village. The village he lived in was called "Finney Land." There was a little green house. It had cobwebs all over and dead rats and mice. Nobody would even drive near the Wicked Witch’s house.

Then the Wicked Witch got out her wicked broom and she went to the village where Prince Charming lived. Then she drove by Prince Charming’s red and pink house. Then the Wicked Witch said, "I would love to live in that beautiful house."

The next day the witch flew down Prince Charming’s chimney and offered him 1 million dollars for the house. The Prince said, "What does your house look like?" The witch said, "It is actually a big mansion with maids and 100 servants to do all of the work for you." The Prince said, "What is your address?" 145 Pin Oak. So, the Prince said, "Deal."

Then the witch whispered in his ear, "Be careful." Then the prince made a funny face. Then the witch said goodbye.

The Prince finally arrived at the Wicked Witch’s house, then he realized that the Witch had tricked him. Then the Prince go back in his car and drove back to his original house and told the Witch he wants his house back.

The Witch said, "A deal is a deal." The Witch leaned over and gave the Prince a little kiss and that kiss turned them into the opposite. The Prince Charming turned to mean and the Witch turned to nice. Then the Prince went back to the Witch’s house.

The next day the Prince could not take the chance of being mean, and the Witch could not take the chance of being nice. Then they met in the middle of the woods and the prince tried to kiss the Witch but it did not work.

Then the last day the Finney Land News reported that if any spells have been casted you will be under that spell forever. Then the Witch gave the Prince a kiss. When that did not work the Witch gave the Prince the last third kiss. Then they went back to their original ways, and they lived happily ever after.

FOURTH GRADE – Winning Fairytale
Tessa Rohrs

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful girl named Snow White and her 2 ugly stepsisters and 1 very ugly stepmom. They lived in a castle on top of a very very high hill.

One day when the stepsisters were popping in maids to clean up. But since their stepmom was away at a spa, Snow White had a chance to steal some her magic fairy dust she’d been longing to get her dried up, muddy hands on since she was a little girl.

She walked up the steps one at a time. When she got to the top she stepped on a loose floorboard and it creaked.

"What was that?" asked one of the stepsisters.

"Probably just a mouse," said the other.

Snow White let out a deep breath. Five more steps from the hallway to her mother’s room. 2 more, there! She let out a sigh of relief. "Phew," she said. "I made it."

Then she heard her stepsisters say, "Let’s find that mouse!"

"Oh no," she thought! Snow White quickly grabbed the fairy dust. She sprinkled some on their heads and told them, "They will treat me like I was a queen."

Then when her stepmom got home she went to her room and saw that her fairy dust was gone. She went to Snow White and said, "Give me my fairy dust back!"

But Snow White sprinkled some on her head and told her she will be the nicest person ever. Then Snow White realized she had all the power in the world. She could make anybody do anything she wanted!

She stole her mom’s money and ran away! Her stepmom and stepsisters wanted to stop her meanness. While they were thinking about how they could get to her, she was making everyone her loyal slaves.

Then the stepmom was on her way there. She found Snow White in the grandest hotel. While they were fighting over the fairy dust some spilled and landed on Snow White. The stepmom seized her chance and told her to freeze. So, she did.

Then she took her deep into the forest and she was never seen again. Her stepmom turned everyone back to normal and they all lived happily ever after.

FIFTH GRADE – Winning Fairytale entitled "The Mixed Up Tale"

Joey Datz

Once upon a time Goldilocks, Rapunzel, and Cinderella were on the way to have some tea when the floor collapsed! They had accidentally stepped on the trapdoor to the dungeon. They were lucky! They caught sight of a hole in the wall where the villains escaped. The trail was fresh.

"I think I see them!" cried Cinderella, half frightened.

"That’s them, all right," claimed Rapunzel.

Goldilocks was already on her way out when she stepped on a trapdoor, capturing them all.

"Rats!" said Goldilocks. "How are we gonna get out now?"

"Rock back and forth," said Cinderella. Sure enough, it snapped.

"I’m tired of traps being pulled on me. I’m on the dark side now!" said Goldilocks.

Cinderella and Rapunzel agreed. They caught sight of the villains. They were: the wolf, stepmother, an the beast. They rushed ahead to set their own trap.

"This will teach them. Now we’ll force them to eat poisoned apples," said Rapunzel.

"Then we’ll lock ’em in a cave where they’ll never get out," said Cinderella.

The villains walked right into the trap and were forced to eat poisoned apples as food in the cave. The princesses turned good and lived happily ever after, except the villains.

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