Fair royalty, specie ambassadors, and other recognitions

The 2021 Madison County Junior Fair royalty are: (from left) prince, Jacob Stahl; king, Luke Peart; princess attendant, Julia Turvy; queen’s second attendant, Jayden Baker; queen’s first attendant, Kirstin Eades; queen, Jacqui Lauer; and princess, Hailey Anthony.

(Posted July 22, 2021)

4-H and FFA participants received all sorts of recognition for achievement at this year’s Madison County Fair which took place July 10-17. The following are some of those recognitions.

Fair Royalty
King–Luke Peart, Prairie Raiders 4-H
Queen–Jacqui Lauer, County Conservation 4-H Club
Queen’s First Attendant–Kirstin Eades, Madison-Plains FFA
Queen’s Second Attendant–Jayden Baker, Fairfield Rascals 4-H
Princess–Hailey Anthony, Green Range 4-H
Princess Attendant–Julia Turvy, Prairie Raiders 4-H
Prince–Jacob Stahl, Helping Hands Happy Hearts 4-H

The 2021 Madison County Junior Fair specie ambassadors were: (from left) equine, Ellie Edwards; small animals, Calista Wallace; dairy, Emily LeGault; special interests, Sara Studebaker; sheep, Olivia Seaburn; poultry, Amara Suchy; beef, Brenn Walner; rabbits, Anna Drewes; and youth, Nick Furbee.

Specie Ambassadors
Poultry–Amara Suchy, Double L II 4-H
Rabbit–Anna Drewes, Beginners to Winners 4-H
Sheep–Olivia Seaburn, Fairfield Rascals 4-H
Special Interest–Sara Studebaker, Prairie Raiders 4-H
Dairy–Emily LeGault, Darby Riders 4-H
Beef–Brenn Wallner, Green Range 4-H
Small Animal–Calista Wallace, Double L II 4-H Club
Equine–Ellie Edwards, LFS Riders 4-H
Youth–Nick Furbee, Eager Achievers 4-H

Henry Campbell Memorial Award for Outstanding Rabbit Exhibitor
Jacqui Lauer, County Conservation 4-H

Debbie Leach and Lori Waldnig Memorial Award for Outstanding Equine Exhibitor
Alyson Petee, Green Range 4-H

Mark Warner Memorial Outstanding Goat Exhibitor Award
Molly Barber, Fairfield Rascals 4-H

Steve Brock Memorial Award for Outstanding Dairy Exhibitor
Peter Thomas, Helping Hands Happy Hearts 4-H

Bob Clawson Poultry Scholarship Award
Cade Smith, Helping Hands Happy Hearts 4-H

Luke Peart, this year’s Madison County Junior Fair King, representing the Prairie Raiders 4-H Club and the London FFA, took first in the talent show, first with his buyer’s thank-you poster and first in Guys & Gals Lead. Peart will represent the ag careers project at the Ohio State Fair and received the overall outstanding citizenship and leadership award. He placed third in 17-year-olds for showmanship with his market ducks and was fifth in the market class. He also received a $500 scholarship from Green Range 4-H Club.

Green Range 4-H Club Scholarship
Luke Peart, Prairie Raiders 4-H
Alyson Petee, Green Range 4-H

Madison County 4-H Committee Scholarship
$750-Luke Peart, Prairie Raiders 4-H
$750–Cade Smith, Helping Hands Happy Hearts 4-H
$500–Jillian Anthony, Starlight Riders 4-H

Livestock Judging Contest Winners
Senior Division–Keyairra Helton, Buckeye Rangers 4-H
Intermediate Division–Isabel Hiles, Country Bunch 4-H
Junior Division–Colt Hughes, Buckeye Rangers 4-H
Overall Winner–Keyairra Helton

Premier Livestock Exhibitors
Market & Breeding Swine–Corey Cress, Madison-Plains FFA
Market & Breeding Beef–Kelsey Beachy, LFS Riders 4-H Club
Market & Breeding Sheep–Olivia Seaburn, Fairfield Rascals 4-H
Market & Breeding Goat–Molly Barber, Fairfield Rascals 4-H
Rabbit–Emma McCoy, Fairfield Rascals
Dairy–Olivia Finke, Born in a Barn 4-H
Poultry–Cade Smith, Helping Hands Happy Hearts 4-H

Equine High Point Winners
Senior English–Kinsey Null, Mud Run Hustlers 4-H
Junior English–Alaina Tate, Starlight Riders 4-H
Senior Western–Gracie Stingle, Krazy 4 Clovers 4-H
Junior Western–Cheyenne Willing, Fairfield Rascals 4-H
Senior Saddleseat–Annabel Phipps, LFS Riders 4-H
Junior Saddleseat–Katelin Cremeens, Fairfield Rascals 4-H
Senior Gaited–Paige Kopiec, Darby Riders 4-H
Junior Gaited–Ashley Baker, Fairfield Rascals 4-H
Senior Donkey–Josie Harris, LFS Riders 4-H
Junior Donkey–Mary Wills, LFS Riders 4-H
Mule–Dean Harris, LFS Riders 4-H

Overall Outstanding Trophy Winners for Special Interest Projects
Leadership and Citizenship–Luke Peart, Prairie Raiders 4-H
Creative Arts–Sara Lee, LFS Riders 4-H
STEM–Garrett Vance, Clover Clippers 4-H
Natural Resources–Emily LeGault, Darby Riders 4-H
Clothing–Rachel Hyatt, Clover Clippers 4-H
Food and Nutrition–Olivia Buck, Mud Run Hustlers 4-H
Self-Determined–Zavier Mayabb, Helping Hands Happy Hearts 4-H
Healthy Living–Emma Boggs, Helping Hands Happy Hearts 4-H
Home Living–Lily Asendorf, Eager Achievers 4-H.


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