Fair Photos from Sunday, July 6: Demo derby and more

Messenger photo by Pat Donahue

Going and going and going

Like energizer bunnies, the No. 11 car of Zach Ruhe and the F69 car of Willard Flack kept going and going until they could do no more harm to one another. Flack claimed the main event July 6 in first of two demolition derbies at this year’s fair.

Messenger photo by Pat Donahue

One last nudge

Lee Waugh in the 88X car couldn’t resist one last nudge into the front corner of the teetering hot rod of Bill Woodford during the feature event at the July 6 demolition derby.

Messenger photo by Pat Donahue

Virts vs. Virts

It may look like Dad has the upper hand but that’s not how it played out when Justin Virts in car 1114 faced off against his father, Steve Virts, in the compact car heat of the July 6 demolition derby at the Madison County Fair. The duo had the field to themselves with no one else to hit but each other. After plenty of good licks, Dad was the first to lose power, giving the victory to Justin.

Messenger photo by Pat Donahue

Celebrating a victory

Justin Virts celebrates his demo derby win with his daughters, Lexie, 6, and Ady, 3..

Messenger photo by Pat Donahue

Visiting from Strawberry Festival

Tayler Haimerl, 9, is the Young Miss representative of the Strawberry Festival. She spoke about the festival during the Fair Royalty contest. She is a student at London Elementary School.

Messenger photo by Pat Donahue

Visiting from Mount Sterling

Prior to the crowning of 2008 Madison County Fair royalty, royalty from around the area were introduced and given the chance to promote their fair or festival. Among the visitors was Emaleigh Haimerl, 7, who is the Little Miss representative for the Good Ole Days Festival in Mount Sterling. She is a student at London Elementary School.

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