Extension’s new agriculture educator loves her job

Mary Griffith
Mary Griffith

(Posted Aug. 24, 2015)

By Kristy Zurbrick, Madison Editor

After many years without one, Madison County once again has an agriculture and natural resources educator.

Mary Griffith started Aug. 1. She is employed by the Ohio State University Extension and works out of the local office at 217 Elm St., London.

Griffith comes to Madison County with over a year of experience as an ag and natural resources educator in Greene County. She also oversaw the integrated pest management program at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center’s western branch in South Charleston (Clark County).

As for what attracted her to the Madison County position, Griffith said, “Greene County is primarily suburban. There is more of a farm focus here in Madison County.”

She also likes the location for personal reasons. Her fiancé works for Agricultural Lands Inc. in London. She said they enjoy working in and being part of the same community.

“I love my job working with Extension,” she said. “You’ve got something new every day. There’s always something new to learn and a lot of interesting questions. I love being part of a community and working with people.”

Griffith holds degrees in agriculture economics and plant pathology, both from The Ohio State University (OSU). She plans to put her education and experience to work to help farmers increase crop yields and effectively manage their bottom lines.

The purpose of an ag and natural resources educator, Griffith said, is to bring the resources and research of OSU to the farmers and residents of the county.

“We have the opportunity to bring OSU experts here to present information as they’re learning about it,” she said. “I just need to find out the priorities of the county. I need to get to know people and what they are interested in.”

To that end, Griffith is putting together an advisory board for guidance and feedback on programming. She is aiming for a group of 10 to 15 people from all parts of the county with a variety of viewpoints.

Griffith added that she is excited to work with and support the county’s Master Gardeners. She also sees the Madison Soil and Water Conservation District and the Madison County Farm Bureau as helpful partners, especially in efforts to address soil health and water quality, a statewide priority. She hopes to forge a partnership with the Farm Science Review, as well.

Griffith welcomes questions about agriculture and natural resources. She can be reached at (740) 852-0975 or via email at griffith.483@osu.edu.

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