Energy and solar projects discussed in Pleasant Township

By Hannah Poling
Staff Writer

Scott Belcastro, of Trebel Energy attended the Jan. 25 meeting of the Pleasant Township trustees to discuss updates which will be starting this year.

Trebel Energy is an energy consulting company, which serves commercial, governmental, small businesses and residential clients. The primary goal of the company is to assist their clients in lowering their energy supply cost and increase efficiency.

“We have been involved with the Columbus program in turning out solar energy throughout the state. It is in this movement towards more renewable energy everywhere,” said Belcastro.
According to trustee Nancy Hunter, “I saw a big drop in my electric bill compared from this year to last year. I used more kilowatts this year and still spent $35 dollars less.”
Belcastro said that the weather drives residential cost up so Trebel is doing what it can to secure contracts to get residents a price that is stable.

Tyler Fehrman, field manager for Ohio with Apex Clean Energy, also attended the meeting to update the trustees on the Spring Water Solar Project.

This project will encompass Franklin and Madison counties in Pleasant and Fairfield townships. The project will primarily take place in Fairfield Township but will cross over into Pleasant Township. The Spring Water Solar Project will be a 155-megawatt solar project which will produce enough power for 34,000 homes and will bring the participating counties $1.4 million dollars in revenue annually, which will be split up between the locations.

The project is finalizing the application for the Spring Water Board, which should be complete by the end of March. Apex has been acquired by Aries Capital, which gives Apex the ability to be able to sell their projects or have the option to operate them themselves. The intention by Apex is to both own and operate this project.

The Spring Water Solar Project is also starting a community grant project.

“We will be awarding community organizations at about $4,000 a quarter,” said Fehrman.

Visit for more information on the grant.

Fehrman said that he would look at his maps and get back with the trustees in regards to how much land the project will cover in Pleasant Township, as well as the percentage of power generated.

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